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Do you work out? Here's 4 things you NEED to know to keep your skin in top shape

The good news first. Post-workout glow is a real (and wonderful) thing! Your heart rate goes up, your blood vessels expand and the circulation of oxygen throughout your body (and skin) is what leads to that glowy look.

The bad news? Certain skin issues have been linked to exercise. But fear not! You just have to know how to treat them, so you can keep smashing your workout PBs and your skincare PBs.

There are even exercise-specific skincare products *wink wink* that are made with the express purpose of preventing or reducing such concerns.

We take a look at four of the most common issues you should be aware of below.

Breakouts from Exercise

The Problem

During your workout bacteria, dirt and excess oils are expelled through your pores, and if not promptly cleaned after a workout, can cause problems.

Tight workout gear that isn’t breathable can also lead to the dreaded bacne. Not a fun time.

The Fix

Always use a clean towel to wipe your face during your workout to avoid putting bacteria back onto your skin. Try not to exercise with make-up on and make sure you cleanse properly after a workout. No surprise, we’re partial to our Refresh Cleanser.

When choosing your workout gear, opt for loose-fitting, breathable clothes. 


The Problem

There are some indications that wear and tear from vigorous exercise (like running or HIIT) can break down your skin’s collagen. This can lead to wrinkles and sagging.

While further research into this is needed, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take preventative measures.

The Fix

Mix up your routine. Try swimming, yoga and other low-impact activities occasionally. Bonus: this will benefit more than just your skin.

Make sure you choose products that have active ingredients that promote collagen production, like Hyaluronic Acid, which you’ll find in our PUMP Face-Firmer

Dry Skin

The Problem

If you’re working out a lot, you’re (probably) showering a lot. While we are all for hygiene, prolonged exposure to hot water strips away your skin’s natural hydrating oils. This can leave you with dryer-than-you’d-like skin.

The Solution

Cold showers!

No, we kid. You don’t have to forego a steamy soak, but dropping the temperature a few degrees and spending less time in the shower can certainly help.

Follow it up with a great moisturiser and you’re golden. 

Sun Damage

The Problem

Exercising outside? Unsurprisingly, being outdoors (especially on bright days) for long periods of time can up the risk of sun damage. It can also cause hyperpigmentation and skin rashes.


The Fix

Not to sound like your mum, but wear your sunscreen! Choose a good-quality and high SPF sunscreen to protect your precious skin.

Preventative measures should always be your first priority, but doubling up with skincare products that have active ingredients to protect against and repair UV damage helps. Think Jackfruit or Vitamin C.

The Takeaway

Exercise has numerous benefits, not just for your skin. While, yes, there are some minor downsides, overall all the benefits greatly outweigh any of these.

Better yet - with the right skincare and measures it’s easy to keep your skin healthy and youthful.

Our skincare is designed to combat all these effects (and more) using only clean and natural (but powerful) antioxidant-rich and nutrient-dense ingredients. Smash your skin goals and your fitness goals.


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