Greentini Green Cocktail Recipe - with Shannon Rosie

Greentini Green Cocktail Recipe - with Shannon Rosie

Shannon Rosie is a clinical nutritionist and holistic women's health coach specialising in gut health and women's hormones. She's also a social butterfly and loves exploring the sweet spot where healthy living meets living your best life. This passion for healthy fun was the motivation for her first book, Conscious Cocktails. When she’s not consulting with clients or cheers-ing to balance you will find her hosting health and wellness retreats at Springfield in the Southern Highlands.


A little naughty, a little nice - the embodiment of balance. Grab your favourite green juice (fresh or bottled) and add a shot of your clear spirit of choice. Stir in 15mls of fresh lemon juice. Literally couldn't be easier!


Hot tip : to give this blend an extra gut-health boost add in some fresh ginger and/or some fresh or juiced aloe vera. Both will get your digestive system moving and detoxification happening.

My go-to fresh green juice:

1 large cucumber

2 kale leaves

2 large stems celery

½ green apple

½ lemon

1 large thumb ginger


Next day tip: save a serving of this juice (without the alcohol!) and keep it in the fridge to re-nourish yourself the next morning. A gift to future you!

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