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Interview with Hannah Saad - Women's Health and Fitness Coach

We're super excited to introduce you to one of our PB SKN Ambassadors, Hannah Saad. This flame-haired wonder woman discovered our clean skincare for active lifestyles around 8 months ago, and we love having her on our team! She embodies our values of health, wellness and mindfulness, and in this interview she shares all about how she got to where she is today and her mission to help women achieve their health and fitness goals with long-term rewards!


Tell us a bit about yourself and what it is you do

Hi I’m Hannah. I’m a Women’s Health and Fitness Coach with a twist. My motto is “master your mind and your body will follow” - so I help women to get strong fit and healthy mentally as well as physically.


How did you get into that?

My background is in Psychology, but in my mid 20s I developed a passion for fitness and became a Personal Trainer. I LOVED being a Personal Trainer, and got amazing results with the women I worked with, but I found that once they stopped working with me, they would fall back into old habits and undo all their hard work. I knew I wanted to work on a deeper level, helping people change their habits and behaviours more holistically, because PT only works in the moment - it’s a band aid solution. So I combined my Psychology experience with my Personal Training experience to create a unique style of Coaching - it’s designed for you to create a lifestyle that you can continue long after we finish working together.

What has been a career highlight for you? 

Omgosh there have been so many!! I won Personal Trainer of the Year in 2019 which was an amazing achievement, definitely a big highlight! I’ve also been invited to teach and to mentor Personal Trainers and Coaches for several companies and education providers, which is always an amazing feeling.

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced in your career?

Definitely carving my own path and creating my own coaching method. Whenever you do something that goes against the grain it’s going to be challenging, there’s no roadmap for this. But I knew I wanted to really make a difference, so it’s definitely worth it.

Tell us about your wellness journey to date

My passion for fitness began with Pole and Aerial - I fell in love with pole fitness in 2012 and became obsessed with getting strong. In 2015 I began teaching pole and aerial, and I also studied to be a Personal Trainer. Initially my idea was to study Personal Training to help me be a better pole teacher.

But I fell in love with weight training and in 2018 began training for my first Fitness Competition with the WBFF.

I was obsessed with lifting heavy and amazed with what the body can do, both aesthetically and from a strength perspective. I competed with the WBFF in LA, Gold Coast and Sydney, placing in the Bikini Category and then the Fitness Category. I also prepped for the WBFF Sydney show in 2021 which unfortunately got cancelled 2 weeks out. I will be competing again in April 2022 and going for the 🏅

Hannah Saad Women's Body Building Competition Transformation

What does your daily health/fitness/wellness routine look like?

I have the most amazing routine. I wake up at 4.15am and start my day with 20 minutes of yoga, then 20 minutes of meditation. I work for myself which is amazing. I love to start my day early as I am most creative in the morning and can get lots done, which makes me feel accomplished. I then head to the gym around 3pm, and my workouts are around 2 hours. At the moment I’m in a building phase which I LOVE, so doing around 5-6 sets of 5 - 8 reps and lifting heavy, with no cardio 🥳

This will change as I prep for the next competition - volume and intensity will increase and I will implement a little cardio from around 8 weeks out.

What is your most dreaded workout/exercise? 

Lunges, Bulgarian Split Squats - Anything single leg!! I know how good they are but they kill my life 😅

What is your favourite? 

Hip thrusts all the way 😍

What does your daily beauty regimen look like?

I am not one of these people that bounce out of bed fresh as a daisy - I wish I was!

I wake up at 4.15 and splash cold water on my face. Then I use my Refresh Cleanser, Pump Face-Firmer and Restore Moisturiser. This wakes me up and makes me feel amazing.

Twice a week I use my Dermal Roller too - this is AWESOME! It helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation and light scarring, and I have noticed a HUGE difference since I’ve been using it, combined with the skincare!

Then I do my makeup - just a bit of BB Cream, bronzer and mascara, I like a natural look.

What is your favourite PB SKN product and why?

Omg I love them all!! But if I have to chose the Restore Moisturiser - my skin LOVES it. So hydrating and moisturising! And I LOVE the Dermal Roller, I’ve noticed such a difference in my pigmentation and fine lines since I started using it.

Do you have any special projects/launches/ coming up you want to tell
us about?

I have something VERY exciting coming up - February 14th doors will be open to my Fit For Life Coaching Program. The fitness industry is full of “quick fix” challenges, but I really don’t believe you should be bouncing from challenge to challenge.

There’s nothing rewarding or fulfilling about getting short term results and then blowing out once the 8 weeks is done, only to follow that cycle over again and again.

It can be so harmful to you body, your confidence and your mindset. I really believe you need to work more deeply to get lifelong results  🧠 🤓 ❤️  So I’m breaking the mould of the “8 week challenge” hype and helping you to build a body you love in a way that is healthy and sustainable long after we finish working together. 


Find out more at www.hannahsaadfitness.com


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