Hey there, gym-junkie, muscle-hustler, boxing-babe, lady-who-lifts, mum-who-runs, sister-in-sports, lycra-lover, adventure-enthusiast and overall fitness-fanatic.

Did you know that while you’re out there chasing gains, building booty, kicking butts, setting goals and smashing PBs, you're putting your skin at risk of wrinkles, dryness, breakouts, irritation and unwanted pigmentation?

Unfair, right?!

When you work so hard to keep your body in tip-top shape, the last thing you want is to sacrifice your beautiful face.

Sweat, sun, salt, water, wind, stress and intense exercise all play havoc with our skin, thanks to pesky and totally un-rad free-radicals.

The result?

Skin damage, inflammation and premature aging. 

Luckily, we’ve come to the rescue with AUSTRALIA'S FIRST range of skincare developed specifically for people leading active lifestyles.

Jam-packed with powerful antioxidants from fruit and plant extracts, nourishing, nutrient-dense ingredients and natural actives, PB SKN will have you hitting your skin PBs alongside your fitness PBs.