Hey there, gym-junkie, boxing-babe, lady-who-lifts, mum-who-runs, lycra-lover, adventure-enthusiast and overall fitness-fanatic.

Did you know that while you’re out there chasing gains, building booty, kicking butts, setting goals and smashing PBs, you're putting your skin at risk of dryness, breakouts, irritation, unwanted pigmentation, wrinkles and premature skin aging?

Unfair, right?!

When you work so hard to keep your body in tip-top shape, the last thing you want is to sacrifice your beautiful face.

Sweat, sun, salt, water, wind, stress and intense exercise all play havoc with our skin, thanks to oxidative stress from pesky and totally un-rad free-radicals (read more about that here).

Luckily, we’ve come to the rescue with AUSTRALIA'S FIRST range of high-performance skincare developed specifically for people leading active lifestyles.

Jam-packed with powerful antioxidants from fruit and plant extracts, nourishing, nutrient-dense ingredients and natural actives, PB SKN will have you hitting your skin PBs alongside your fitness PBs.


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Our Story

Hi, I'm Jem

PB SKN was born from a realisation that my active lifestyle was causing me to suffer from unwanted skin problems (boo sun-damage and pigmentation!).

I also discovered that women like myself; those doing their best to live a healthy lifestyle by eating well, keeping fit and enjoying the outdoors - often aren't aware that their conventional skincare could actually be sabotaging their health efforts. 

The fact that most women unknowingly put a myriad of chemicals onto their bodies every single day that have been shown to cause skin and respiratory issues, hormonal and endocrine issues, as well as cancer, greatly concerned me.

This realisation took me down a new path. The more I researched chemicals in skincare that impact our health and wellbeing, the more I was horrified by what I was learning. I went nuts examining and analysing every ingredient in every cosmetic product that I used and knew things had to change. 

I knew exactly what I did and didn't want to see in a skincare range, however I couldn't find a brand that resonated with me and my lifestyle. 

I wanted skincare that...

- effectively targeted skin conditions related to an active lifestyle - dryness; sun-damage and pigmentation; reduced elasticity and wrinkles; workout breakouts.

- was fast-absorbing and non-greasy, so that I could use it before and after my workout without feeling like an oil-slick.

- was simple and didn't require a 12-step routine (hello, other busy, time-poor mums!).

- was as natural as possible, without smelling like a hippie (even though I'm a hippie at heart).

- I could chuck in my gym bag or backpack without worrying about breaking delicate glass bottles.

- was packed with high-quality, natural, active ingredients backed by scientific research.

- was produced freshly and locally by a trusted team.

Because I couldn't find what I wanted, I decided to do it myself (my background in beauty helped!)

And thus, PB SKN was born. 

Jem xx