Where is PB SKN skincare made?

Our skincare is produced freshly and locally in QLD, Australia

Can I use PB SKN if I have sensitive skin?

Yes you can! We've had a great response from customers with sensitive skin. Our Refresh Cleanser and Restore Moisturiser contain Tasmanian Pepperberry, which is anti-inflammatory and soothing for easily irritated skin.

However, everyone's skin is different and can be senstive or allergic to different botanicals, actives or essential oils (our Pump Face-Firmer serum is essential oil-free), so we always recommend trialling and patch testing each product separately to begin with.

Whenever starting a new skincare routine, it's always best to introduce new products gradually to give your skin time to adjust.

How long does it take to see results?

A natural skincare routine is exactly this - a routine that you do daily to see long-term, healthy results.

Some people may see results immediately if their skin is lacking in moisture and nutrients, as our products will give your skin that boost it needs.

Skin with more free-radical damage (ie. pigmentation and wrinkles) can take longer, as the active ingredients continue to improve your skin at different levels while cell turnover continues and increases.

Generally, you will see a visible improvement in your skin from a few weeks to a few months with regular and consistent use.

Will my skin purge?

Purging can happen when starting a new skincare routine, and often if your skincare contains active ingredients, however this depends on the individual.

Active ingredients speed up the skin's cell turnover, which can cause dead cells and trapped oils and impurities to be released through the surface of your skin, resulting in what looks like pimples, redness and flaking.

This usually subsides within 3-4 weeks as your skin renews and adjusts.

Are your products suitable for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

Yes! Being pregnant or breastfeeding shouldn't mean having to give up on your skincare routine, especially one that is designed to support you through your active lifestyle, which we believe is important to maintain during this special time.

Are your ingredients ethically sourced?

Yes! Our ingredients are sourced through suppliers that commit to constantly increasing responsible sourcing, reducing impact to the environment and supporting workers and grower communities.

In addition, their vendors and business partners also comply with laws and regulations under the same ethical principles and codes of conduct surrounding matters of human rights, child labour, equal opportunity, working conditions, environment, sustainability and quality.

Our products are manufactured in a trusted facility that our founder, Jem, personally visits.

How do you support sustainable practices?

Our products are manufactured freshly in small batches to avoid overproduction and waste.

We embrace sustainable packaging in the following ways:

- our bottles are recyclable

- our packaging material is sustainable and recyclable

- we repurpose packaging material and cartons from suppliers whenever possible

- our tissue paper is eco-friendly, sustainable and sourced from a supplier that plants trees for every order that we make and also works at reducing carbon emissions

- our mailing boxes are made in Australia using FSC and PEFC certified materials, and uses an environmentally conscious printing method that can reduce material wastage by up to 10-15% in comparison to that of traditional production methods.

- we use biodegradable packaging tape

- we ship orders using a 100% carbon neutral delivery service whenever possible